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Parafernalia Falter 2D

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  • Brand: Parafernalia
  • Product Code: 012001-Parafernalia Falter 2D

  • HK$368

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Assemble your own pen from this simple pressed-steel kit. Incredibly, the pen body is a single piece of metal - folded into shape with the supplied tool.
The refill then slots in, and you're left with a little pen stand and a ruler.
If you've shaped it correctly, it's even retractable, as the refill slots into one of two holes in the rear.
One of those outstandingly pointless yet perfectly satisfying products - we love it!
Please note - this requires some art to bend the metal correctly and it's certainly not an exact science - our test pen is less than perfect!
Supplied with blue medium point balllpoint refill. The refill is a standard Parker-style.
Note for refills - keep the removable metal cap from the top of the refill - this is required and does not come with replacement refills.

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