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3D Puzzle Horse-Mechanoid

3D Puzzle Horse-Mechanoid

  • Brand:: Ugears
  • Product Code: 015044-3D Puzzle Horse-Mechanoid
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Ugears Horse-Mechanoid, a unique assembling model that joins nature and mechanics.
In walking mechanisms designed by many engineers before balance was realized by means of additional extremities or other extra-supports.
Ugears designers paid special attention to the anatomy because it was important to make our Horse quadrupedal.
And we found a smarter way to achieve stability in motion.

The innovative mechanism of this beauty makes the Bionic Horse a real walking quadruped.
All the joints and movements closely resemble those of a real horse, but powered by rubber bands, gears, cranks and gravity.
The bionic heart of your horse is a pendulum installed in the chest of the mech.
The oscillations of the pendulum slow the transmission of energy from the rubberband motor to the movable elements extending the working time of the mechanism.

Mechanical horse is a tribute to early automatons, the attempts to create a walking machine made by the Ancient Greeks,inventors of Japan and China, and Leonardo da Vinci himself. Let go of the rush and haste of modern times.
Withdraw yourself from the race for some time to hop on the relaxing – but no less exciting! – stroll with the new Bionic Horse from Ugears!

Model size: 13.8 x 11.4 x 4.9 in (350 х 290 х 125 mm)
Package size: 14.9 x 6.7 x 1.7 in (378 х 170 х 42 mm)
Number of components: 410

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