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Unique Wooden Mechanical Models. Made in Ukraine.
3D Puzzle Flower 3D Puzzle Flower

3D Puzzle Flower


Each piece of the flower puzzle cut is precisely cut from natural, sturdy plywood and designed to build together without adhesive. Simply press out the pieces from the kit and put each part in its place to build your model.In just one or two hours, you can put together the detailed flower without any glue, nails, or staples. As you twist the gear..

3D Puzzle Heavy Boy Truck VM-03 3D Puzzle Heavy Boy Truck VM-03

3D Puzzle Heavy Boy Truck VM-03


Imagine – early morning: the mist crawling along the highway fills the air with a sleepy chill. It is not the coffee that wakes you up, but a turn of the key that sends the fuel along the veins of your 18-wheel beast making it purr like a giant mighty cat. You breathе in the air inside the cabin to smell a familiar mix of leather, gasoline, long da..

3D Puzzle Horse-Mechanoid 3D Puzzle Horse-Mechanoid

3D Puzzle Horse-Mechanoid


Ugears Horse-Mechanoid, a unique assembling model that joins nature and mechanics. In walking mechanisms designed by many engineers before balance was realized by means of additional extremities or other extra-supports. Ugears designers paid special attention to the anatomy because it was important to make our Horse quadrupedal. And we found a s..

3D Puzzle Hurdy-Gurdy 3D Puzzle Hurdy-Gurdy

3D Puzzle Hurdy-Gurdy


HURDY-GURDY Inspired by the art of medieval craftsmen and enriched by smart engineering of the XXI century Ugears is introducing — Hurdy-Gurdy – the world’s first mechanical musical model and the genuine gem of the collection. It is the most extraordinary mechanical model kit which is all-in-one: model for self-assembly, toy and fully fledged musi..

3D Puzzle Lock 3D Puzzle Lock

3D Puzzle Lock


Inspired by “The Da Vinci Code”. We dived into the world of conspirology, secrets and cryptography while designing our new intriguing Cryptex model. The Combination Lock consists of two parts. It opens if you set the right 3-digit combination. You can hide the keys, small items and your own secrets inside. The Lock has a convenient "eyelet" to ..

3D Puzzle Mechanical Celesta 3D Puzzle Mechanical Celesta
12% off

3D Puzzle Mechanical Celesta

HK$780 HK$890

Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do. As Julie Andrews said in the Sound of Music, "once you have these notes in your heads you can sing a million different tunes by mixing them up." Ugears is proud to introduce the second DIY musical instrument in our collection—the Mechanical Celesta. Like the Ugears Hurdy-Gurdy, the Mechanical Celesta is both a wooden mechan..

3D Puzzle Mechanical Etui 3D Puzzle Mechanical Etui
17% off

3D Puzzle Mechanical Etui

HK$240 HK$290

This pretty little box brings a dash of mechanical magic to your home or office. Push the side lever and the box raises, tilts and opens its lid to reveal the contents. A clever way to offer a business card or a fun way to store and show off your favorite trinkets. The kit includes two interchangeable front panels – one for easily removing cards ..

3D Puzzle Rail Manipulator 3D Puzzle Rail Manipulator
52% off

3D Puzzle Rail Manipulator

HK$140 HK$290

Mechanical Town Series Developing its new fascinating series, Mechanical Town, Ugears presents another addition to the collection: the Rail Manipulator. Set up in the dock of Mechanical Town not far from the Robot Factory, the Manipulator is a purely utilitarian model, which by no means makes it less entertaining than the other models in the range..

3D Puzzle Rails 3D Puzzle Rails
34% off

3D Puzzle Rails

HK$190 HK$290

Where there’s a railroad there’s a crossing, and this kit includes both. You’ll get 4 meters of track and a crossing complete with stop signs and gates that raise and lower at the touch of a lever. Model size: 160*4.7*8.8 in (407*12*22.5 cm) Package size: 14.6*6.7*1.2 in (37*17*3 cm) Parts count: 200..

3D Puzzle Railway Platform 3D Puzzle Railway Platform
51% off

3D Puzzle Railway Platform

HK$340 HK$690

Every train needs a proper station and our Railway Platform is just the ticket. In addition to being a beautiful reproduction of a European rail station complete with a clock, lamps and a bench, this model features a secret removable drawer with a lock and key for extra security. Model size: 160*4.7*8.8 in (407*12*22.5 cm) Package size: 14.6*6..

3D Puzzle Roadster VM-01 3D Puzzle Roadster VM-01

3D Puzzle Roadster VM-01


Once again, Ugears returns to everybody’s favourite classics and introduces an exquisitely elegant and vigorously fast Roadster VM-01 sports car. Your adventure begins when you open the box with your new model kit from Ugears. This is when you will experience the pleasant smell of natural wood that will stay with you all the way through the proces..

3D Puzzle Robot Factory 3D Puzzle Robot Factory
51% off

3D Puzzle Robot Factory

HK$240 HK$490

Mechanical Town Series Have you ever wanted to build yourself a robot? How about a couple of robots? Ugears and its new model, the Robot Factory of the Mechanical Town collection, gives you a great opportunity to do it.The Robot Factory, officially known in the Town as the Mechanical Wonder Works, is very much what both of its names imply: it ..

3D Puzzle Royal Carriage 3D Puzzle Royal Carriage
20% off

3D Puzzle Royal Carriage

HK$390 HK$490

----- Limited Edition ----- Ahead of the Royal Wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on the 19th May, Ugears has released its incredibly detailed build-your-own model of the Royal Carriage. Inspired by the 1902 State Landau, the intricate and elegant Carriage is drawn by four graceful horses. Ugears’ designers put special attention in to th..

3D Puzzle Safe 3D Puzzle Safe

3D Puzzle Safe


Considering safe-cracking as a profession? This might be just where you should start. Build your own safe with a personal lock combination, store your most precious items in the safe (jewelry or candy, your choice), and then promptly forget your combination! Follow the handy steps in the instructions to master the mix of slow knob twists and care..

3D Puzzle Sky Watcher Tourbillon Table Clock 3D Puzzle Sky Watcher Tourbillon Table Clock
12% off

3D Puzzle Sky Watcher Tourbillon Table Clock

HK$780 HK$890

The Clockwork Universe theory favored by 17th C deists held that the Earth and the heavens, and all their motions, were like a giant clock, with God as the Clockmaker. Newton's three laws of motion and the principle of universal gravitation were thought to be sufficient to explain phenomena of any kind, using mechanical conceptions. At Ugears we lo..

3D Puzzle Stagecoach 3D Puzzle Stagecoach
17% off

3D Puzzle Stagecoach

HK$240 HK$290

Feel the free wind of the frontier in your hair, take your family on a thrilling journey to the Wild West with Ugears beautiful mechanical Stagecoach. Ugears introduces the legendary carrier from the late 18th – 19th century, when the stagecoach became a common means of communication as well as passenger and small cargo transportation in the US. Th..

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