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UC’s core values is "Limited Components, Unlimited Combination". We believed that creativity is irreplaceable. We are mainly focus on providing professional design service and solution to our customers. Design and life are inseparable. We pay attention the display methods that are especially important to customers and provide professional design and creative services. Achieving a certain level in design industry is our basic principles. Besides, our business also includes developing the innovative and special products. Our team is honored to have successfully won several international design awards. We will continue to design more good products to Hong Kong people and even the world.

研先創展代表 "研發領先,創意展示"。創辦人以創意思維經營公司,相信創意是無可取締。研先創展致力為各企業客戶提供設計服務方案。 設計與生活密不可分,我們重視對於客戶尤其重要的研發及展示方式並提供專業及創意服務。達到業界一定水平為我們基本服務準則。 此外,研先創展業務亦包括研發創新、實用和獨特的產品,榮獲多個國際設計獎。我們會繼續致力將好設計帶給香港人乃至世界各地。