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Combo Case

A multi-functional briefcase. Combo Case And Combo Case Deluxe.

Combo Case

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Combo Case
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Combo Case

What is Combo Case?

Combo Case - a successful Kickstarter Campaign. A multi-functional briefcase, can be used with versatile purposes, ranging from protecting your laptop computer, documents, mobile phone, stationery to materials you need at school and workplace. Not only can you assemble your personal briefcase but you can also have a brand-new image every day.

  • Combo Case
  • Combo Case
  • Combo Case
Our company’s core values–Limited Components, Unlimited Combination.
by UC Development Limited, Co-Founder

This is a successful product launch campaign in Kickstarter.

The products on this page are all developed and designed by UC Development Limited and related patents have been registered.

Combine Yourself

Combine your own accessories.

Awarded Product

Is a high design quality product.

Perfect Gift

Best for your loved ones, friends or corporate gifts.

Combo Case


Your own Briefcase

The most stylish, practical and functional briefcase.


Select different components according to your work of the day.


Woolfelt with a large scale magic tape.


Protect your mobile phone, computer, stationery or more.

Combo Case

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Combo Case

Muse Design Awards in Product Design 2021

Combo Case Deluxe Version

Next ganeration multi-functional briefcase, double side magic tap for holding the parts. RFID protection, waterproof, can be used with versatile purposes, ranging from protecting your tablet, documents, mobile phone, stationery you need.

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